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There is a Twitter account named Endless Screaming. Just about every time he or she tweets, it is basically:


That is precisely my reaction to a fellow celiac suing a Las Vegas restaurant $100,000 for causing “permanent injury” right after finding glutened. I’ll say it once again:


Here’s the short article. And here’s the Gluten Dude breakdown.

A Los Angeles artist going to Grand Canyon suffered a “permanent” injury right after consuming French onion soup at the El Tovar Hotel restaurant that a chef stated was gluten-totally free, a new lawsuit claims.

C’mon…we’ve all been glutened. Here’s my story when it occurred to me. But a permanent injury??

Todd Serlin is suing Grand Canyon’s concessionaire, Xanterra, for extra than $100,000 following the 2016 incident, according to the suit filed final month.

[Looking up Xanterra]. Ah…now the image is a bit clearer. It is a substantial corporation with I’m confident pretty deep pockets.

Serlin has celiac illness, and is “extremely careful” not to consume something with gluten. The autoimmune situation causes difficulties in the modest intestine when gluten, a molecule in wheat solutions, is consumed.

Can the press ever get issues correct? It is not just wheat. Argh.

Todd questioned the waitress many occasions to confirm that the French soup on the menu could be ready gluten-totally free, the suit says. “The waitress reassured Todd that the soup could be ready gluten-totally free by removing the crouton.” She added that portion of the kitchen was reserved for preparing foods for folks with meals allergies like celiac illness.

Personally, I in no way order products that are naturally ready with gluten and then ask the chef to “remove” it. Also risky. And celiac illness is not a meals allergy. Double argh.

“Todd asked the waitress to confirm with the chef that there was no gluten in the base of the soup,” and the chef did confirm it, the suit says. Serlin then ordered a duck entree with rice and vegetables.

Now I’m confused. Did he make confident the duck was gluten-totally free?

An hour or two later, Serlin felt ill: “His symptoms intensified into waves of nausea, radiating abdominal discomfort, a migraine headache, vomiting, and then diarrhea. It was later determined that the restaurant served Todd meals that contained gluten.”

Like I said…we’ve all been there. It definitely suuuuuuuucks. At this point, I really feel for the guy and get his aggravation. But right here is exactly where he loses me:

The suit goes on to say that “Todd suffered extreme and permanent private injuries” from the expertise, and “will continue to endure, for an indefinite time, excellent discomfort, suffering, important discomfort, and a loss of high quality of life.” He’ll have to have to spend for healthcare costs for the rest of life simply because of that meal, according to the lawsuit.

This. Is. Utter. Horseshit. How does he know he suffered permanent injuries? Health-related costs for the rest of his life? From finding glutened when??

Look…can possessing celiac illness result in life-lengthy problems? Certainly. But blaming it on 1 meal and suing for a hundred grand is total nonsense and it offers the neighborhood a terrible name. It reminds me of the lady who sued P.F. Changs simply because they charge extra for a gluten-totally free meal. Seriously. Charging an additional dollar to place practices in spot that will retain a celiac secure? Sign me up.

Yes…if a restaurant claims a thing is gluten-totally free, it really should certainly be gluten-totally free. But I’ve stated it prior to and I’ll say it once again: We take a threat each time we consume out unless the establishment is 100% gluten-totally free. You ever operate in a busy kitchen? It is mayhem back there and errors can come about. Filing a lawsuit is NOT the answer.

Contact the restaurant. Clarify what occurred. Ask to have the meal comped. Reiterate how significant celiac illness is. Open up a conversation. But unless there was malice involved (a chef intentionally lying about a gluten-totally free meal, which has occurred), let’s not get the lawyers involved. No one wins.

Your two cents?

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