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You will need to have a powerful and important connection to the earth which we reside on and off. To be or to really feel grounded. In spite of everything, we have now the descriptive phrase “standing with each toes on the bottom” which signifies an individual who doesn’t reside “up within the clouds”.  You may say about her that she is “right down to earth” or “well-anchored” whenever you wish to give an image of somebody who’s steady, and who shouldn’t be “carried away” or “on cloud 9” in the case of the newest opinion or numerous tendencies, and so forth. In Skåne (Sweden) we have now the expression “hon är sig själv nock” (nog), that means she is content material being herself, which will be interpreted as being well-anchored, she is real, and she or he shouldn’t be obsessed with what is trendy or what the newest opinion is. She is neither flaky nor unclear.

The diet

One other sturdy and vital connection we have now to the earth is thru our meals. The earth provides us with nourishment. And it does so with the assistance of daylight and water. The meals is then figuratively talking, a direct hyperlink, a direct bond to the earth which we reside on and off. The solar provides us photo voltaic power and the earth provides us earth power and these two energies we discover in our meals as nicely.


Via analysis and numerous research, we acquire increasingly more data concerning the direct connection to the earth, that’s, to be grounded. You will be grounded within the sense or that means of being centered. In yoga and meditation we discuss visualizing being grounded and the grounding we then consider is to be mentally and spiritually grounded. However it’s one thing fully completely different to create a bodily contact with the earth. To to be grounded within the sense that means earthing is to be so near the earth that it has the chance to affect us positively. It means sitting and mendacity on the bottom or strolling barefoot on it. To remain and reside on and close to the earth.

We should always each know and perceive how the grounding or the earthly radiation itself carries an vital affect on us for us to realize a greater steadiness or micro steadiness in our our bodies. It applies to all dwelling issues on earth.

We’re bio-electrical human beings dwelling on {an electrical} planet, a negatively charged planet. Once we come into contact with the bottom, the earth, there may be an equalization between our positively charged physique and the negatively charged floor. We then get the identical electrical capability because the earth. The very best grounding is obtained on moist soil, equivalent to on a moist seaside or dewy garden as a result of moisture is conductive. Steel can be conductive, so having a shower or washing by hand can be helpful as each the pipes and the sink are conductive. Nonetheless, swimming within the sea is by far essentially the most highly effective grounding exercise you’ll be able to partake in as a result of excessive mineral content material of the salt water.

When crimson blood cells have a optimistic cost, they’re pulled collectively and clumped collectively. The blood turns into extra sluggish. In response to Anders Blomqvist, working with Earthingpeople, it takes about 10 minutes earlier than the blood thins out if you find yourself grounded. Different advantages are that earthing strengthens the immune system, calms the central nervous system, normalizes the stress hormone cortisol, protects towards low-frequency electromagnetic fields and mitigates PMS issues and extra.

We also needs to notice how vital the soil itself is, that’s, the particles from the earth, the dear “mud”. How helpful it’s after we take up this, like after we contact crops, or plant or harvest them after which are available in contact with the soil immediately. Even the sensation we get when strolling barefoot on the grass. How refreshing the chilly dew can really feel within the morning. Or how we take pleasure in strolling by a lake and splash within the water or attending to really feel the sand with our toes or sitting on a sunny cliff by the ocean. All of this we already instinctively know that it makes us really feel nicely. We really feel pleasure after we expose ourselves to those issues. The helpful radiation from the earth is effective to all dwelling issues.


When you find yourself conscious of the physique and that your consciousness lives in there, as a substitute of up among the many clouds, then you’re additionally conscious of your bodily actions. One technique to floor your self is to eat greens that develop underground, equivalent to carrots, candy potatoes, onions, parsnips, radishes and beets and so forth. this can be a good way. Right here is how Anthony Williams writes about soil: “To soiled one’s fingers to present technique to new life is anchoring, it strengthens the spirit and revives the soul. As well as, Mom Earth’s soul is within the soil we domesticate.”

One other technique to floor your self may very well be to hold a crystal or stone that emits a refined grounding power, equivalent to hematite or obsidian crystal. And you should use important oils which might be grounding. Getting a foot therapeutic massage is helpful – you’ll be able to even give one to your self. Moreover you can too think about how roots develop from the toes down into the bottom. See how they unfold out and go deep into the earth and draw energy. However the perfect factor I really feel is to stroll barefoot on moist grass, moist sand or wade within the sea. And even higher to swim within the sea. To really feel nature along with your naked toes or the entire physique. Once we are grounded it’s simpler to soak up and deal with the bodily actuality that we reside in.

Bushes and Therapeutic


Bushes are fantastic. They each purify and heal, and they’re really grounded with their deep and highly effective root programs. In reality, all crops with their roots deep down within the soil are conducive, that’s, after we contact them, we additionally grow to be grounded. So hugging a tree is definitely a wholesome and self-healing act you do for your self. And most probably form to the tree as nicely ;-).

It’s fantastic to stroll by way of the forest and take up the refined important oils that the timber emit. You are feeling cleansed, grounded and perhaps even healed in your thoughts after a peaceable forest stroll. Spending time in nature provides us each power and relaxation.

Our our bodies are tailored to pure environments, i.e. nature environments. If you happen to reside removed from lakes, seas, mountains and forests or different lands equivalent to meadows and seashores, you’ll be able to nonetheless get a connection to Mom Earth’s nature by strolling in a park. Or go right into a flower store and expose your self to the fantastic scents and colours and see all the sweetness in there.

You may floor your self each bodily and mentally by touching a plant or tree trunk, they’re conducive. See to your inside sight how roots out of your toes and legs develop into the bottom. See how the roots unfold and see what colour and form they’ve. Really feel that you’re anchored into the bottom and that you’re one with the earth. Each with the earth itself, that’s, the bottom, the stones and the soil. But additionally with the Earth, the planet on which we reside, Mom Earth.

To Stability Your Spirituality

Doreen Advantage writes: “Whenever you disconnect your consciousness of the physique and your bodily existence, you lose your basis. Though it’s fantastic to drift within the sky, your consideration and energy is required right here on earth.”

She says that if we steadiness the religious and the fabric then we will take pleasure in a satisfying earthly life. Being grounded, right down to earth and real improves {our relationships}. In response to Doreen, earthing and grounding make us extra concentrated and targeted and this improves our contact with the angels.

That is an excerpt from a chapter known as Earthing from the e-book Consuming With Your Coronary heart by Åsa Johansson